You don't think the best do it all alone?

Talk coaching & graphic design (with idea-spiration) for leaders, want-to-be leaders, experts & educators.

At some point in your career, your innate talent at storytelling or making slides levels off. But expectations don't. Thus as you (or your team) grow ever smarter, how you get your points across starts looking amateurish by comparison. Time to flip your dynamic — from talk being an energy drain or near-liability, to a reliable asset you are proud to show. Be the one packing concise, memorable insights to act on. Like this. It's too much for one, but together we'd fix:

A story that bores.
Second rate visuals.
The painful process.
Getting interest.
Playing the 'talker'.
Being remembered.

Fitz Say, Show & Share.

Director of education for high-tech firms in London & Montreal.
Worked in 20 countries, training, leading & client facing.
Certified at coaching. Certifiably BS & cliche free.
Graphic designer with the tools & tech savvy.

" the AVP for Europe, I'm out selling complex change to tough crowds. Phil shrinks my wording (I go too long) and sorts my visuals. Interviewed over Skype he trims my ideas into a shorter, sharper talk with ace slides. We test it, he does final tweaks and delivers a pro-ready version. I get back time, get better ideas and have audiences tell me I made sense and sold them..."

Nick Willey AVP Aricent/Altran EMEA

Where i am

Montréal Canada & London England
Dial me on 1 514 966-8657

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This might not be right for you.

This fails for first time talkers or shallow thinkers. It's made only for smart people sold on a robust insight or vision.

  • the deflating talker

    Leader, client account manager or line boss who can't connect with the room. You fail to move the mood or mindset, or convince well enough to spur action. (It's tough being compared to the mythical Steve Jobs). I shrink your wording and rework your graphics, then we up your bespoke style. You get better —measurably.

  • the amateur educator

    Experts or tech-heads struggling to flip cleverness into content that gets used. You're unsure how to design for clarity, or work a room with confidence (audiences feel like your talk starts in the middle). I give you a smart, fast design workflow, confidence to say it right and visuals that convey complex ideas and motion.

  • the unknown coach

    full of good insights, you are overwhelmed at the sharing and selling side. Articles, movies or books never get made, or made well. Clients don't see a difference, reason to meet. I revamp your inner talk, tune up your sales talk and people savvy. On demand I package intellectual property into products for more repute (& revenue).

  • the unmapped team

    Teams or BU's in start-up to mid-size firms missing who, what, how and best-practice documentation. New people take an age to be effective, and when good people go, so does their know how. For unmapped teams I capture, structure & share smarts — making it a performance, worthy certification and workflow edge.

Your worklist.

Narrowed down, what do you or your team need to do better, and be doing it soon?