Expert in what you know, but at explaining it?

You're smart, competent and can point to a stack of results you've made happen. You've figured out the big ideas and essential how to replicate those results, and you want to share them. With your team, your field, or to paying clients. You want the repute, or the revenue, or to be seriously helpful. You just need help with the how.

This isn't for all (and might not be for you)

Don't call if your content isn't provably useful. Do call if you see yourself as —

  • the boring boss

    they won't care to listen until you sharpen up your opening, engage more, say less and show visuals that 'pop'.

  • the clunky expert

    they won't learn as fast until you upgrade your relevance, erase their confusion and make it enjoyable to do.

  • the unknown guru

    they won't call until they see your intellectual property on view, hear your voice and see your name on a book.

  • the missing map

    they will take longer to 'get it' until you provide detailed visuals on how useful things get done around here.

Your coach & creative fit(z)

Director of Education in high-tech firms in London & Montréal
Obsessed with making smart people sound more like it.
Certified in coaching (certifiably BS & cliché free).
Author of Talk Your Walk & the Design Sandwich series.

"...I'm selling big changes to our teams and clients. Lots of opportunities to fail. Phil's magic is sharpening my thinking and my sound, along with custom visuals he creates. He's super technical, great with people, fast thinking and doing as he supports me up to talk-time. I breathe easier, knowing I have more control over how the next conversation will go."

Nick Willey AVP Altran | CapGemini EMEA

Phil FitzGerald

London Irish born, worked in
20 countries, at home in Montréal.

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