You're no thought leader if people can't follow.

Talk Coaching & Graphic Design for smart people telling (& selling) their complicated idea, service or layered insight.

Is explaining what you do, what you mean or how this whole thing will work, complicated? If so, unless you are a stage-ready talker with an eye for design (plus tools and time to create) your talk risks boring, confusing or taking an age. That's why busy brains call me to shrink the time they take, and up the repute they get, at making a point stick.

The clients we get results for.

Don't call if you are a new starter or pushing the simplistic. This is for serious people with complex insights.

  • the over-long talker

    Leader, client account manager or line boss who can't connect with the room. You fail to move the mood or mindset, or convince well enough to spur action. (It's tough being compared to the mythical Steve Jobs). I shrink your wording and rework your graphics, then we up your bespoke style. You get better —measurably.

  • the amateur educator

    Experts or tech-heads struggling to flip cleverness into content that gets used. You're unsure how to design for clarity, or work a room with confidence (audiences feel like your talk starts in the middle). I give you a smart, fast design workflow, confidence to say it right and visuals that convey complex ideas and motion.

  • the unknown coach

    full of good insights, you are overwhelmed at the sharing and selling side. Articles, movies or books never get made, or made well. Clients don't see a difference, reason to meet. I revamp your inner talk, tune up your sales talk and people savvy. On demand I package intellectual property into products for more repute (& revenue).

  • the unmapped team

    Teams or BU's in start-up to mid-size firms missing who, what, how and best-practice documentation. New people take an age to be effective, and when good people go, so does their know how. For unmapped teams I capture, structure & share smarts — making it a performance, worthy certification and workflow edge.

Fitz explains Fitz.

Director of education for high-tech firms in London & Montreal.
Worked in 20 countries, training, leading & client facing.
Certified at coaching. Certifiably BS & cliche free.
Graphic designer with the tools & tech savvy.

" the AVP for Europe, I'm selling change to tough crowds and clients. Phil gives me an external perspective on my logic (free of KoolAid). He shrinks my wording (I go too long) and sorts my flow, number and big-idea visuals. Back and forth via Skype or SMS he trims my ideas into a shorter, sharper talk with ace slides. We test it, he does final tweaks and delivers a polished final. I get back time, get better ideas and have audiences tell me I made more sense and sold it..."

Nick Willey AVP Aricent/Altran EMEA

Where i am

Montréal Canada & London England
Dial me on 1 514 966-8657

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