Stop boring, confusing or losing your crowd.

As the Chief Explain Officer (CEO) of your value, work and insights, it's on you to get your point across elegantly.

I gave you my why in one, 'stop boring...' line. Can you spark the same interest in your work as quickly? If you can't start strong, and stay interesting, audiences won't waste their time (rightly so). Being easy on the ear, yet hard to forget, is the meta-talent every boss, educator and coach needs to stand out. So when was the last you invested in getting dramatically better at it? Do what smart people do and get a professional resource for your words and visuals. Here's how we work —

This isn't for everyone (maybe not for you).

No new talkers, or those pushing opinions not insights. This is only for pros with something worth sharing.

  • the blurry leader

    Leader or client account manager who can't connect with the room, paint the vision or spell out the change. I'm your word shrink & graphic repair shop ensuring you bore no more.

  • the amateur educator

    Experts or tech-heads who know it, who go way too long at showing it. I give you a smart, fast design workflow, confidence to say it right and visuals that convey complex ideas and motion.

  • the unknown coach

    full of insights, but failing to share and sell them. I tune up your sales talk and value package. For some I package intellectual property into products to build your repute, add revenue.

  • the unmapped team

    Teams or entire firms wasting time for the want of best practice maps. I capture, structure & share team expertise in workshops, visuals & online. It's a workflow & competitive edge.

Your coach & creative resource fit(z).

Director of education for high-tech firms in London & Montréal
Obsessed with making smart people sound more like it.
Certified in coaching (certifiably BS & cliché free).
Author of Talk Your Walk & the SWYK series.

" the AVP for Europe, I'm selling tough changes to internals and clients. Phil has been there, so his 360 feedback works. His magic is to sharpen my thinking so my word count shortens. Whatever I describe, he can do on a slide or paper. Super-technical yet good with people, he supports me right up to the talk. I get back time, sound great and get audiences looking up with interest."

Nick Willey AVP Aricent/Altran EMEA

Phil FitzGerald

London Irish born,
now living in Montréal.

Dial me on 1 514 966-8657

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