Pick a side in the war on bore

Clients, teams and peers want to know what you know. If — and it's a big if — you can make it interesting, clear and compelling to hear and see. If you can do it, you don't need me. But if you don't know how, take ages to do or want to be known as uncommonly good, you won't fix it alone. You will with a coach who can do: the only talk coach who does your stunning visuals too. This is how we work —

This isn't for all (and might not be for you).

Don't call if your content is shaky or cliched. Do dial if you recognise yourself as —

  • the bored, boring leader

    dreading or rushing talks, until credible feedback and on-tap resource flips your feelings and results.

  • the amateur educator

    you know it, but struggle to look good showing it, until smart design and delivery tips change your game.

  • the unseen expert

    want to stand out but didn't know where to start, until your talk, technical and publish plan delivered.

  • the unsharing firm

    random onboarding, feeble lessons and no SME culture, until a competency map and streamlined design fix it.

Your coach & creative fit(z).

Director of education for high-tech firms in London & Montréal
Obsessed with making smart people sound more like it.
Certified in coaching (certifiably BS & cliché free).
Author of Talk Your Walk & the SWYK series.

"...as the AVP for Europe, I'm selling tough changes to internals and clients. Phil has been there, so his 360 feedback works. His magic is to sharpen my thinking so my word count shortens. Whatever I describe, he can do on a slide or paper. Super-technical yet good with people, he supports me right up to the talk. I get back time, sound great and get audiences looking up with interest."

Nick Willey AVP Aricent/Altran EMEA

Phil FitzGerald

London Irish born, worked in
20 cities, Montréal is now home.

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