Smart, yet struggling to say it right?

Whatever you do each day, you do it way better than I can.

But what I do better is make smart, busy people more listenable and easier to learn from. With a savvy, ex-boss educator coaching and creating for you, sharing and selling what you know won't be a fear, or chore. It becomes a source of better repute and reach, as more people know of you, and enjoy listening and learning from you. It's level you won't get to alone —face it, you'll never have the time. Stop wasting energy, dial up and get this done —

A skilled confidante coaching your talk talent up.

A dedicated design resource making you look good.

A commercially savvy advisor pushing your results.

You're aren't going to fix it alone

Otherwise you would have by now. This how you get it done.

  • how's that calendar?

    We pick out your next 30-45 days of talks you absolutely need to work. Client facing, internals, keynotes, online etc.

  • coached on thinking

    Face to face, online & over the phone, rewrite your inner script before we design words for the outside. Your identity shifts to a talker of interest.

  • content creation

    Save 90% of your time. I have the tools & talents to flip your ideas into stunning visuals. We review & customize before you take it live (& live with the compliments).

  • coached on doing

    Parallel to design, how-to coaching on opening, working & closing a talk. You feel ready for tough crowds, resilient facing left-field events. I'm on speed dial, supporting you right up to show time.

Who is Fitz?

A wordsmith with the tech-tools & can-do attitude.
Education boss for high-tech, global clients.
On the hook for revenue & net-promoter scores.
The only coach who does creative, gets the commercial.

Here to make smarts easier to see, share & sell.



Montréal Canada & London England
Dial me on 1 514 966-8657

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You've read Duarte, but still can't do it. You've seen the TED talks, but don't know how to talk like it. This is the working guide for the real world of noise, stress and 'vibrant' disagreement. After 138 pages you'll know how to push interest up front, play the performer during, and pull past inertia to get a yes. Partner up on Facebook for ongoing support*

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The compelling message

Compelling is a stack of competencies. Layered to look, feel & sound like this —