I make your clever easy to say, show & sell

Are you a boss, expert, coach or company with smarts worth sharing?

Then you likely get frustrated trying to get others to a) grasp the complexity b) get why it matters or c) go get it done. How often do you hear that you're easy to listen to, learn from and agree with? You won't get better alone —but you will with a credible partner. You bring the content, I coach up your wording and style, do the high-end graphics and sort out the tech. Result? On a page or stage, you stand out as a rare thinker who can say it just right.

So confident & clear inside, unmistakeable outside.

Up your game at how you see, share & sell clever.

Steer around objections, inertia to make smarts stick.

working for

Smart people and teams with something to say, and a lot riding on it being heard.

  • the overloaded leader

    Thought leaders, CxO level and line managers. Tasked to push change, wow clients and also give news good and bad, they have no credible resource on hand. A trusted source to tighten up their wording, sort out graphics and tech, and coach them to be the talker today's audience demands. I push their storytelling & enjoyment to the next level.

  • the amateur educator

    Impromptu experts, tech-heads & educators struggling to flip cleverness into bite-sized content. They've never been shown how to design for clarity, or how to work a room —so audiences feel like every talk starts in the middle. I give amateur educators smooth design workflow, coaching on delivering a class and simple to complex visuals.

  • the underselling coach

    full of ideas and skills to share, most coaches are bad at self-promoting. Articles, books and packages are unmade. Clients are not wowed and sales' talks go badly (meaning fees never climb). For the underselling coach I revamp their inner value talk, sales conversation and help them package and pitch their intellectual property

  • the unmapped company

    The start-up to mid-size firm, missing who, what, where and how documentation. Making onboarding twice as long, awareness of and following best practice half as likely, good people leave and take their cleverness with them. For the unmapped company I capture, structure & share smarts like the big firms do —Smarts as a service.

Hi, I'm Fitz

This is how our work would flow

First we set expectations, accountabilities & timeline.
Next we get creative —packaging your clever, professionally.
Coach up your inner thinking & outer talking.
I deliver the visuals, do all the technical stuff.
We stress-test your style & I go into support mode.


Where i am

Montréal Canada & London England
Dial me on 1 514 966-8657

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Less preach, more teach. A working guide to saying it right in the real world —where people don't start their day aiming to help you make yours. 138 pages plus online support via the Facebook group.

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