It's On you

The boss. The manager. The solopreneur. You may think your idea, point or plan is smart —but they can't share or sell themselves. The problem is how to win the war against bore, confusion and overwhelm (yours & theirs). I help you do both. You get the repute and results of sharing and selling like pro. And our world gets less noisy, more smart.

get attention with your first words & work the room.

enlarge what people think is possible & show a vision.

handle objections & steer agreements into action.

How it happens

It's a working process. How?

  • first, a little talk

    Trust before talk. Does Fitz fit with you? Find out on a 30 minute call. Objectives, concerns & common-ground

  • coach : thinking

    Mindset before skillset. My job is poking at what you see & say about your inner world. Stand back for the optimism surge.

  • design & refine

    We co-create the story. Start to end. I design, you edit. We relay 5-6 Loops to be 100% script & slide happy.

  • coach : doing

    Stamp your own style on sharing & selling. My 1000+ stage hours stress test your content, mood & resilience.

Meet Fitz

A coach who can do it (I teach, not preach).
Education boss in high-tech, leading a team, getting revenue.
Creative. Your nerd-free ideas guy with the tech tools.

Here to make everyone look & sound as smart as they really are.



Montréal Canada & London England
Dial me on 1 514 966-8657

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The coaching guide made into a guide. 128 think + do pages to more confidence and interest. Clarity and persuasion. Buy the book, join the Facebook group and behold the Q&A and bonus content.

Your choice

It's on you. Do you want to be missed when you stop talking. Or not?